Kraemer Nature Trail

Rudy Kraemer Nature Preserve Entry Sign

The Kraemer Nature Trail is a self-guided, half-mile-long trail at the Rudy L. Kraemer Nature Preserve. The park is located in northwest Burnsville. To get to the park, take Highway 13 to Chowen Avenue South.

The nature trail has eight stops with information about each stop in the trail guide. Printed copies of the trail guide are available at the trailhead kiosk. If you have a smartphone, you can scan a QR code at the kiosk to download the trail guide. You can also download a copy: Kraemer Nature Trail Guide (PDF).

Download a Kraemer Nature Preserve Trail Map (PDF)

Trail stop_web.jpgNature trail bonus features

Along the trail, you will have opportunities to use your smartphone's QR reader to scan a code and access additional information, such as a short video. If you don't have a smartphone, you can access the additional content here.

Trail Stop 1
Take a peek inside a chimney swift tower (video clip) 

Trail Stop 2
See a controlled burn in Burnsville (video clip) 

Trail Stop 3
Watch a red-winged blackbird strut his stuff (video clip) 

Trail Stop 4
What is the smallest flowering plant in Minnesota wetlands?: View the answer

Trail Stop 5
How were cattails used in World War II?: View the answer

Trail Stop 6
Who can you see in a wetland? (video clip) 

Trail Stop 7
See and hear an eastern bluebird (video clip) 

Trail Stop 8
What does the word tamarack mean?: View the answer