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Moving Out? - Canceling Service

  1. Moving Out?

    Thank you for being a utility customer in Burnsville! Since the City bills water usage for the previous month, a final billing for water used through your move out day will need to be generated.

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  2. For customers who use the Automatic Payment option, please note that the final bill will NOT be drafted from your checking account. A final bill will be mailed and a manual payment will be required for your final payment.
  3. Please provide the following move out information:
  4. As it will appear on the bill.
  5. As it will appear on the bill.
  6. Located on your monthly statement.
  7. Where to mail final bill. Please include an apartment/suite number if applicable.
  8. The best number to be reached at.
  9. Second best number to be reached at.
  10. Did you own or rent the property?*
  11. Once this form is submitted, utility billing staff will use the information provided to create a final billing based on the information provided. Please consider your submission as confirmation of receipt. Utility staff will reach out if there is an issue with the information provided.
  12. If for any reason the move out date changes, please notify utility billing as soon as possible at to avoid incorrect billings.
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