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1. I have a private water or sewer line, who do I contact for repairs?
2. Is discolored water a health hazard?
3. When are water restrictions in effect?
4. What should I do if there is a sewer blockage or backup?
5. How do I prevent a sewer backup or blockage?
6. What part of the water and sanitary sewer system does the City of Burnsville own?
7. What part of the water and sanitary sewer system do I own?
8. Water is leaking below the meter, will the city pay to repair it?
9. My water pressure seems too low, how do I correct the issue?
10. My water pressure seems too high, how do I correct it?
11. Will the City come to my home and test my water pressure?
12. Do I need a Pressure Reducing/Regulating Valve (PRV)?
13. Will the City test my water?
14. Where can I have my water tested?
15. Will the city install/reinstall my water meter?
16. My water meter is leaking, will the city send someone to fix it?
17. Is there a fee to turn my water off/on to make repairs?
18. I need my water shut off. Will the City come turn it off today?
19. My water usage has increased and seems too high, what is the problem?
20. When can I water my lawn?