Fire Tent Permit

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A property owner or contractor constructing a temporary indoor or outdoor tent for an event.

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Apply online for a Fire Tent Permit


Permits must be obtained before every project

Additional Requirements

  • Provide two copies of a detailed site or floor plan showing the seating arrangement, exits and locations of portable fire extinguishers. One approved copy must remain on site at all times
  • Provide a detailed description of all activities that will be occurring, the hours of the event and the approximate number of participants
  • Provide a certificate, executed by an approved testing laboratory, certifying the flame resistance of materials used to construct the tent are in compliance with NFPA Standard 701
  • Provide flame-spread rating information for materials used as ceiling and/or wall decorations.  


Fee is listed on application

Questions? Contact

Burnsville Fire Department
Assistant Fire Chief/Fire Marshal Doug Nelson
100 Civic Center Parkway, Burnsville, Minn. 55337