Property Owner Resources

The City of Burnsville has goals to promote and encourage the upgrade, enhancement, and maintenance of existing housing stock; to partner with organizations to achieve affordable homeownership; and to have a diverse mix of housing types throughout the city. To achieve these goals, we aim to help homeowners build a basic knowledge of the resources available to residents of Burnsville and Dakota County.

For licensing look-up:

To find a contractor, architect, surveyor, etc:

To assist with residential plan design there are many resources and software available online.   A search for “home design software” or “home planning software” will yield many results. Some of these you can rent just for the duration of your project or buy for nominal fee. And you may come across some that are free. A search of “permit plan drawings” will get you many resources on how to draw up plans yourself.  If you have questions about what is required for our permit, please call us. 

Additional Educational Resources:

Visit the Attorney General’s Office for additional information on how to hire residential contractors, recommended contract information, manufactured homes, and where to go to check for licensing requirements.   

Manufactured homes are regulated by HUD (Federal Housing Agency) and the State Building Code. They have different requirements than a non-manufactured home. For information on manufacturing homes visit: 

  1. Financial Assistance
  2. Maintenance Assistance
  3. Home Energy Squad

Housing Rental Assistance

Since 1975, the Dakota County Community Development Agency (CDA) has been dedicated to providing local, state and federal rental assistance programs to residents of Dakota County. These rental assistance programs bring together participants and private market property owners to provide affordable housing options for low-and modest-income households.

First-Time Homebuyer and Homebuyer Education Programs

Since 1983, the Dakota County Community Development Agency (CDA) has helped more than 5,000 Dakota County residents purchase their first homes. For more information on down payment & closing cost assistance, interest rates, and more, check out the First Time Homebuyer Program. Potential homebuyers can also educate themselves on the unknowns of homeownership by participating in the CDA’s Homebuyer Education Workshops.

Home Improvement Loan

The Dakota County Community Development Agency’s Home Improvement Loan Program assists low- and moderate-income homeowners with making repairs and improvements to their homes. 

Homeowner Building Workshop Credit

Burnsville’s Building and Proactive Inspections divisions offer workshops providing tips, ticks and information to help set expectations about home renovation projects. Those who attend are eligible for a $25 discount on their next building permit. Watch for information on upcoming workshops on the City’s event calendar.

Mortgage Foreclosure Program

The Dakota County Community Development Agency offers a free Mortgage Foreclosure Advisory Program for homeowners having difficulty making their mortgage payment. Applicants must be residents of Dakota County.

Septic System Program

The Dakota County Community Development Agency offers a septic system tax assessment loan program to ease the financial burden to homeowners who are upgrading a failing septic system.

Weatherization & Energy Efficiency Program

The Weatherization Assistance Program and Energy Assistance Program are administered, in part, by the Scott-Carver-Dakota Community Action Partnership.