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Criminal Background Check Authorization

  1. Authorization for Release of Information
    I have applied for a volunteer position with the City of Burnsville. As part of the evaluation of my suitability for volunteering in this position, a background investigation is to be conducted. I authorize the Burnsville Police Department to conduct the background check in the following areas: Criminal History Check, Local Police Record Check, Warrant Checks, Driver’s License Check, and Historical Address Check.
  2. Contact Information
  3. FOR APPLICANTS 18+: Please upload a color copy of your Driver's License/Photo ID. This is required to complete the background check.
  4. If you have problems uploading or are unable to upload a color copy of your photo ID, call 952-895-4575.
  5. By checking "Yes," I agree to allow the Burnsville Police Department to run a Criminal Background Check on me for the purposes of determining my suitability for this program. I hereby acknowledge that I have completed the above information fully and accurately.*

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