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Night to Unite 2021

  1. Four pictures of Night to Unite parties
  2. Example: backyard, cul-de-sac, community pool, etc.
  3. Party Options

    We understand that although in-person events are allowed this year, there may be some neighborhoods that aren't comfortable with holding a traditional Night to Unite party. Please choose one of the options below for how your neighborhood would like to celebrate. 

  4. Party Visit Requests

    Indicate your party interests below. There are a limited number of visits available. The groups listed below are often partnered together. Choosing "No" may decrease or eliminate the chance of a visit to your party. Party visits will be randomly chosen. *Note: City staff accompany all groups.

  5. Police*
  6. Fire*
  7. Burnsville City Council*
  8. School Board/School Administration*
  9. Please be aware that we are unable to block certain streets. You will be contacted if your street is unable to be blocked due to high traffic volume. Barricade tape will be available for your use and can be picked up at the City Hall front desk between July 26 - Aug. 2.

  10. Photo/Video Permission
    All parties are considered private.
  11. I give permission for local media to attend to take photos and/or video*
  12. I give permission for City staff to attend to take photos and/or video.*
    Please note that City staff often travel with other groups to visit parties.
  13. Many times City staff are asked by State Elected Officials and local businesses for party addresses so representatives have an opportunity to visit your party. Please check either yes or no to the statements below.
  14. I give permission for the City to provide my party address to County or State elected officials.*
  15. I give permission for the City to provide my party address to local businesses.*
  16. Would you like a re-usable "Night to Unite" yard sign?*
  17. PLEASE NOTE: There will not be a party pick up day at City Hall this year. Party visitors will bring handouts, trinkets and information to your gathering.
  18. Leave This Blank: