Chickens and Poultry

A maximum of four hens are allowed on residential properties in Burnsville if they adhere to the housing and setback requirements. Conditions may be inspected at any time.

  • *Roosters and drakes are prohibited
  • Not allowed on any street, park, lake or public pond
  • *Slaughtering is prohibited within residential districts
  • Chickens cannot be raised for fighting
  • Hens must be kept in the backyard in a coop or a fenced outside yard and screened from view with a solid fence or landscaping
  • Not allowed in a home or garage
  • Grains and feed must be stored in rodent-proof containers 
  • Conditions must be healthy, sanitary and free of objectionable odors
  • Coops and fencing must match zoning code and be set back at least 50 feet of any residential structure on adjacent (neighboring) lots and at least 10 feet from a property line
  • Coops must be 12-24 inches off the ground with a maximum size of 10 square feet and no more than six feet high
  • Fenced areas must adhere to a maximum size of 20 square feet and six feet in height and must have overhead netting
  • Fenced runs can be wood or woven wire material

*Exceptions may be allowed with additional requirements if you own a property in a one-family rural residential district (R-1A) zone.

City Code 6.2.31 Poultry within City Limits

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