2021 Officer of the Year

Brent Murray

Sgt. Brent Murray has been a member of the Burnsville Police Department since 2002. After 19 years of service, his many accomplishments and demonstration of the department’s core values have distinguished him as an exemplary officer and earned Murray the honor of being named Burnsville’s 2021 Officer of the Year.

“Sgt. Murray is an outstanding leader who is universally respected by his staff,” said one of Murray’s fellow officers. “The entire patrol division looks to him as a resource due to his exceptional knowledge of law, case law and police procedure.”

During his time with the Burnsville Police Department, Murray served as a Patrol Officer for four years, an Investigator for three years and has been a Sergeant for the past 12 years. Murray has received 10 Distinguished Service Awards and 4 Meritorious Service Awards.

“Sgt. Murray is an incredibly valuable leader in our organization,” said Burnsville Police Chief Tanya Schwartz. “He is well-respected among his peers and serves with compassion and honor every day.”

Murray’s fellow officers regard him as calm and professional even during high-pressure situations. His co-workers describe him as humble and continuously seeks ways to improve himself even with his many years of experience and expertise.

Murray’s everyday actions represent the department’s core values: Honor, Courage, Excellence, Knowledge and Integrity. It is for these reasons the Burnsville Police Department is proud to announce Burnsville Police Sgt. Brent Murray as Burnsville’s 2021 Police Officer of the Year.