2019 Officer of the Year

Roy Gutzman

Officer Roy Gutzman has been a member of the Burnsville Police Department since 2006. After nearly 14 years of service – the last four as a resource officer at Burnsville High School – his many accomplishments have distinguished him as one of the most exceptional officers in the department.   

Always one to align his day-to-day actions and attitude with the department’s mission of working together to make a difference through excellence in policing, Officer Roy Gutzman has been named Burnsville’s 2019 Officer of the Year.  

“When a police officer receives his or her badge, they take an oath to serve, and to never betray their integrity, their character or the public trust,” said Burnsville Police Chief Tanya Schwartz.  “Officer Roy Gutzman exemplifies this commitment by building trust with our community, treating people with dignity and respect, listening to what people have to say, and making fair decisions.” 

During his 14 years with the Burnsville Police Department, Officer Gutzman has been known for his teamwork and positive attitude. His peers have noted that “it’s hard to be in a bad mood when he is around” because of his positivity.

Over the last four years as a school resource officer, his actions have also been noticed and praised by school administrators.

According to his fellow officers, the biggest indication of his positivity and commitment to law enforcement has been how he continued to do his job while struggling with cancer.

“Officer Gutzman was diagnosed with cancer in December 2018, and has been a champion survivor since his diagnosis,” said Sgt. Dan Anderson, Gutzman’s supervisor. “He has never complained and continued to do his job at 110 percent. He leads by example and sets the tone on every shift he is present. He is someone the younger officers look up to.”

Through several surgeries and treatments, Officer Gutzman continued his work at the school – building lasting relationships with students and staff – as well as taking calls, and helping out with investigations, licensing and administrative work while on light duty.

“While facing life-threatening personal challenges, he remained loyal to his commitment, and demonstrated his incredible character with courage, grit and resiliency,” said Chief Schwartz.

Gutzman concluded his surgeries and treatments in November 2019, and is committed to continuing his work with a positive attitude, a community-first mentality, and a smile on his face. He serves the department well by adhering to the high standards and core values of Honor, Integrity, Courage, Excellence and Knowledge. 

 For these reasons the Burnsville Police Department is proud to announce Burnsville Police Officer Roy Gutzman as Burnsville’s 2019 Police Officer of the Year.