Facility Construction | Fire Station

Burnsville is building a new fire station that will replace existing Fire Station No. 1 and address the city’s future fire and Location for new fire station number oneEMS safety and security needs.

The new fire station location is near Rose Park and is less than 1.5 miles from the current station. Fire Station No. 1 is currently located at 911 W. 140th St. A second station is located at 12155 Parkwood Drive. Current Station No. 1 will remain operational until the new facility is ready. The City is discussing how to best use the space once the fire department has vacated.

Placemaking Project

Think about some of your favorite urban spaces. What makes that place special? More than likely it is the ambiance of the space created by small, intentional design features. Things such as plantings, seating options, lighting and public art layered in interesting ways all contribute to a type of design called “placemaking.” Placemaking is an integrated approach to making public spaces feel intentional and inviting for everyone in the community. Another exciting placemaking project is underway at the new Fire Station No.1 There is a commitment to ensuring that this new placemaking structure’s core purpose is serving the community. It will be a welcoming open space with an outdoor area that community members can enjoy.

Share your thoughts about what the placemaking opportunity will be at the new fire station!