Stormwater Drainage and Lake Level Study (2019-2020)

About the Study

The City of Burnsville, along with project consultants AE2S, is working on a Stormwater System Modeling and Analysis Study. This study will help determine areas within Burnsville's storm sewer/drainage system that may need updating, and help identify potential problem areas.

Throughout the process, the City will be asking for public engagement and feedback to try to understand as many significant drainage issues as possible. However,staff may not be able to directly respond to all issues. 

With questions email City Engineer Jen Desrude or call 952-895-4544.

The study will consist of three phases taking place throughout 2019 - 2020.

Storm Sewer System Model

Comprehensive digital models of storm sewer systems help identify potential problem areas, and areas that are more prone to flooding. The City will review its current models and make any necessary updates.

Public Feedback
The City is asking residents and businesses to help "crowd-source" information about drainage issues around the City. Use the map below to mark areas where you have observed drainage problems/flooding.

Click Here to View the Interactive Map and Provide Feedback

*Please note: This information will be used to help validate the model, and improvements may not be made to all areas.

Interactive Feedback Map

Stormwater Drainage Feedback Map Thumbnail Link

High Flood Risk Review

Using the updated models, the City will identify areas where flooding is likely to occur, and analyze what risks are associated if no improvements are made to those areas. For the highest risk areas, the City will work to develop potential solutions, and identify the costs for any future improvements. 

Lake Level Review

Using the updated models, the City will study the drainage system (map of lake flow at right) and all lake levels from Keller Lake north to the Minnesota River. Once the review is complete, the City will determine if there are any cost effective measures that can be take to improve potential problem areas and resident concerns.

Public Feedback
Lakefront property owners were invited to an open on Oct. 7. Property owners can also use the map (link below) below to note concerns or problems related to lake levels.

Click Here to View the Interactive Map and Provide Feedback

Burnsville Lake Flow map