Wild Turkeys

Turkeys can be an interesting and exciting species of wildlife to observe in your neighborhood but they can also cause conflicts in the suburban environment. If turkeys are causing conflicts in your neighborhood, consider these tips.

  • Don't feed turkeys!
  • Keep bird seed off the ground. City ordinance related to deer and waterfowl feeding require feeders to be suspended at least 5 feet off the ground. Turkeys typically feed on the ground and any available seed may attract them.
  • Clean up spilled bird seed under feeders as soon as possible.
  • Prevent squirrels and other large animals from accessing your feeders. Squirrels and other large animals can cause excessive amounts of seed to be spilled onto the ground from feeders. Move feeders away from trees and bushes where possible and add a baffle to pole mounted feeders to prevent access.
  • Remove bird feeders entirely if turkey issues persist. You may be able to put feeders back up after a few weeks if turkeys move on to a new area.
  • Haze or scare turkeys away from your property to prevent them from becoming habituated to people. Keep in mind that turkeys are a protected game species subject to MN DNR regulations. City ordinance prohibits the discharge of firearms in the City, with the exception being bow and arrow used according to the City's bowhunting ordinance.
  • Pass on these tips to your neighbors.Turkey problems may persist if they continue to find food sources on nearby properties.
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