Commercial Building Permit

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You may now apply for your project online for commercial projects. 

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Additional Requirements

  • Permits that need a plan review such as a deck, basement finish, remodel or addition will need to go through the review process
  • Demolition Requirements:
    • Obtain demolition permits for all buildings, utilities and all accessory structures
    • Complete Minnesota Pollution Control Agency forms
    • Install and maintain erosion control measures for the site
    • Remove abandoned cesspools, septic tanks and drain fields if applicable
    • Demolish and remove the structure and foundation
    • All materials must be transported off site and properly disposed of, including any hazardous materials. Call for visual inspection of this process
    • Disconnect and properly abate all utilities connected to the property
      • Electrical
      • Sewer
      • Water
      • Gas
      • Communications
      • Cap any existing wells and record with the proper authority
    • Remove the driveway surface to the point where this surface meets the street
    • Obtain fill and compact this into the existing basement excavation site to bring the grade up to existing grade
    • Grade the site to provide proper drainage and prevent the accumulation of standing water
    • Over seed the site with a grass mixture suitable for this purpose.
  • Solar Panel Information



Looking for permits that have been pulled for a particular property in the past? Burnsville's permit search by address, contractor, etc. is temporarily unavailable. Please submit a public data request or contact the Building Inspections Department at 952-895-4444 to obtain that information.

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