Sample Inspection Checklist

Reviewing your rental units for compliance with this list could save from costly re-inspections. Rental units include apartments, condos, manufactured home parks and single-family homes for rent. This list contains commonly found violations. It is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all violations that could occur.

Download a printable checklist (PDF)

Single and Multi Units | Interior


  • Is the ceiling free of water damage, cracks or peeling?

Electrical Issues

  • Are all outlets/switch plate covers present, secured and is all wiring concealed?
  • Is the proper wiring being used? No extension cords, splitters, etc.
  • Is the electrical panel and /or electrical room labeled and accessible (three foot clearance to panel and inspection sticker)?


  • Are the floors free of holes, cracks and tripping hazards?
  • Do bathrooms/kitchens have water tight surfaces?

Food Storage/Preparation

  • Are cabinet doors, drawers and hardware in good condition?
  • Is the kitchen sanitary?

Furnace/Air Conditioner

  • Are heating appliances and air conditioners operable with secure gaskets and handles?
  • Are the controls/thermostats easily accessible?


  • Is refrigerator operable with secure gaskets and handles?

Sink/Wash Basin

  • Do sinks and wash basins have cleanable, water-tight surfaces free of chips, cracks and leaks?

Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors

  • Are working smoke detectors installed in each bedroom, adjacent hallways and one on each level?
  • Are working carbon monoxide (CO) detectors within 10 feet of bedrooms where required?


  • Are burners/oven elements operable and door gaskets in good condition?
  • Are there adjacent counter tops below stove top cooking surfaces?


  • Are washable and watertight surfaces present around the tub, shower, floor and toilet?
  • Are all plumbing fixtures operating properly?


  • Are operable bath fans in place if a bathroom window is not present?
  • Does kitchen ventilation work - mechanical fans or windows open freely?
  • Is dryer vented through rigid metal or other approved flexible venting material directly outside? (Plastic venting is prohibited.)


  • Are walls free of holes or water damage?

Windows/Patio Doors

  • Do windows and doors open, close and latch freely?
  • Are windows and doors free from leaks, cracks and peeling paint?

Building Permits - Required for Single Family Homes

  • Have proper building permits been pulled for mechanical, plumbing and electrical items?

Exits and Pathways

  • Are exits and pathways clear, maintained and usable?
  • Does all illumination in corridors work?

Fire Safety Features

  • Are emergency lights, exit signs, fire doors maintained and operable?


  • Is a garbage/recycling service in place?
  • Are containers stored in approved enclosures?

Laundry Rooms

  • Are laundry rooms maintained?
  • Are surfaces water-tight?

Pool Chemicals

  • Are pool chemicals stored properly?

Stairs and Guardrails

  • Is carpeting secure on stairs and are handrails present?

Water Heater

  • Is the water heater free of leaks/rust?
  • Is a metal or approved drip pipe in place?
  • Is it vented properly?

Combustible Storage

  • Are combustible materials (i.e. paint, gasoline, etc.) being stored properly?

Single and Multi Units | Exterior


  • Is the building address visible from the street with numbers at least four inches tall?

Building Exterior/Yard Maintenance

  • Is the roof and siding in good condition?
  • Are sidewalks and steps maintained?
  • Is the yard and landscaping maintained (mowed or plowed) and free of junk and debris?
  • Are painted surfaces free of chipping and peeling?


  • Do decks over 30 inches tall have guardrails?
  • Are decks free of grills?
  • Are decks structurally sounds? No holes in decking or rotted material in decking.

Vehicles/Outdoor Storage

  • Is the yard/exterior free of prohibited items?
  • All vehicles parked on the property are operable and licensed?

Multi-Family Units | Interior Common Areas

Emergency Contacts and Fire Department Key Box

  • Are emergency contact numbers up-to-date?
  • Does the Fire Department key box contain the appropriate key(s)?

Fire Extinguishers

  • Are fire extinguishers present and current (not expired)?
  • Are extinguisher cases free of broken/chipped glass?

Multi-Family Units | Exterior Areas


  • Are dumpsters located away from buildings and wall openings?

Fire Lanes

  • Are fire lanes maintained and posted?

Hydrants and Sprinklers

  • Are hydrants and sprinkler systems well maintained?

Utility Meter

  • Are utility meters protected from vehicle damage?