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2019 Buckthorn Pick Up Program Application

  1. Buckthorn Pick up Application

  2. Before filling out the application, please review the information provided on the City webpage ( on recommended buckthorn control methods.

  3. Select your program option (select one)*

  4. There is no set minimum for property size.*

    If choosing this program, please indicate below the property type and number of participants:

  5. Contact Information

    Neighborhood Pick Up applications must include a lead applicant, who will coordinate with the City and disseminate information to co-applicants.

  6. Project Description

  7. FYI- Native trees are available at a discounted price for this purpose at the City’s annual Tree Sale in April. Native forbs and grasses are available at the City’s annual Native Plant Market in late May.

  8. By submitting this application, I certify that:

    I have agreed to participate in the City's "Buckthorn Pick Up Program" by removing and stacking buckthorn brush for pickup by the City on a schedule to be determined by City staff and lead applicant. I have contacted the other properties listed on this application and they have affirmed their willingness to participate.

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