How are impacts to irrigation systems and landscape elements dealt with during and after construction?
Prior to construction beginning, property owners are encouraged to mark any buried items (irrigation system heads, invisible fencing, electrical wires, etc.) with flags, stakes, or other markers, as well as salvage and transplant any plants that they wish to save for reinstallation following construction. Property owners with irrigation heads next to the curb that they do not want damaged due to curb replacement activities should salvage and/or expose the irrigation components and pull them a minimum of five feet (5’) from the back of curb. Property owners will be asked to provide information to City staff about landscape elements through the Neighborhood Meeting process.

The City will repair most above-ground features impacted by construction activities (i.e., landscaping rock/edging, fencing, retaining walls, etc.) and will restore all maintained turf areas with sod (reconstruction projects) or seed (rehabilitation or reclamation projects, and projects in areas of parks and unmaintained grass areas). The City will NOT replace individual plants, shrubs, or trees that are in the right-of-way and impacted during construction activities. The City will NOT replace invisible dog fencing wires, private electrical wires, or outlet boxes, but will install plastic conduit sleeves under driveway aprons for property owners if they request for wire replacement purposes.

Starting in 2017, the City will NOT replace irrigation system components located in the street right-of-way that are damaged as part of the construction contract, but will provide reimbursement to property owners who repair their systems following construction work and submit a contractor invoice or material receipt after completing the work. The maximum reimbursement values for irrigation system components is as follows:

Residential Lot (single street frontage): $300 per property
Residential Lot (multiple street frontage (i.e., corner lots)): $500 per property
Commercial/Retail/Multi-Family Lots: $0.75/Foot of Street Frontage, up to 1,000’ ($750).

Detailed information regarding irrigation system reimbursement procedures will be sent to property owners in impacted project areas as part of the Neighborhood Meeting notification process.

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